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Support surfaces are an integral component of a pressure injury prevention and treatment program. There are three main categories: Passive Mattresses, Hybrid Mattresses, and Active Mattresses.

Passive systems do not rely on an electrical air pump to continuously inflate, deflate, or create airflow through the support surfaces. Together, immersion and envelopment enable the pressure to be redistributed over the largest possible surface area, thus reducing damaging peak pressures.

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Hybrid systems contain elements that enable permanent use as either a passive or active system. Hybrids function as a passive mattress when there is no active power source but can be converted into an active system with the addition of power.

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Active systems use an air pump to continuously inflate or deflate cells, or to create the movement of air through the system. Active systems assist in the prevention and management of pressure injuries through several mechanisms including alternating pressure therapy, constant low pressure, and microclimate management.

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