LINET provides attractive rental options and customized services for our clients. Our offerings include ad hoc and long-term rentals, as well as both internal and external decontamination services. These services grant you quick access to innovative products such as alternating pressure mattresses, medical beds for nursing homes, acute and intensive care, and gynecological solutions.
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Why rental services?

Explore an easy way to equip your healthcare facility with LINET's innovative products. We offer a comprehensive range of medical equipment available for short-term and long-term rental, designed to meet the unique needs of hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.
With LINET Rental Solutions, you gain access to cutting-edge technology without the upfront costs of ownership. Our dedicated team handles everything from delivery and installation to maintenance and support, ensuring a seamless experience for healthcare professionals.
Discover the flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of LINET's rental services. Let us empower your facility to deliver exceptional care with ease.

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Complete rental solution enabling focus on care

Fully organized rental process

Within our rental solution models, we're happy to offer our customers following services :

• Transportation: Efficient and reliable delivery of rented equipment to your facility, ensuring timely and secure arrival.

• Product Installation: Professional setup of all rented equipment, ensuring optimal functionality and safety.

• Decontamination: Thorough cleaning and sanitization of all equipment to maintain a safe and hygienic environment.

• Technical Support: Ongoing technical assistance and maintenance to ensure your equipment operates smoothly and efficiently.

Clinical assistance

Comprehensive training programs ensure that healthcare professionals have the knowledge and skills to maximize the benefits of this essential equipment, enhancing patient comfort and well-being
• On-site and online trainings. 
• Constant availability of our clinical specialists for remote consultations and support. 
• Prevalence audit.


Rentline was created with a focus on delivering exceptional customer support, guaranteeing a superior rental experience from beginning to end.
✓ Traceability
✓ Clinical studies
✓ Documentation
✓ Live reports
✓ Invoice 
✓ User interface 

Effective infection control

Efficient decontamination Process


Each steps of the process is tracked, quality procedur are followed by certified staff, and ressources are set up for the prevention of biological contamination

1. Reception
Taking the mattress from the patient's room and delivering it to the decontamination center.

2. Disassembly and cleaning
Disassembling, inspecting and cleaning the mattress.

3. Reassembly and testing
In a separate clean area, the mattress is reassembled, tested and registered on RentLine.

4. Transition room 
Drying, decontaminating and testing the mattress.

5. Clean storage 
Decontaminated and packed mattress are put into a separate clean storage and are ready to be delivered.

6. Deliveries
Delivering the decontaminated mattress back to the hospital or nursing room


External decontaminaion

This service ensures the disinfection and decontamination of your own fleet of products, making a valuable contribution to an efficient infection control strategy within the healthcare setting.
• The perfect tool to help hospitals or nursing homes to comply with their infection control policies by providing decontamination of the existing fleet. 
• All products pass through a complete and standardized decontamination process

Internal decontamination

With this service, we implement our decontamination, logistical and  infection control expertise within your facility, enhancing its overall  operational efficiency and safety measures.


• Our rental organization will install a “first class decontamination center” on your premises, ensuring a service that meets established standards.
• Internal Decontamination Center can reduce your costs and improve response times.


AdHoc Rental offers the most flexibility.


Ad hoc Rental offers the greatest flexibility.
When your organisation needs a product, our rental portfolio is just a phone call or click away.

• The right decontaminated product for the right patient at the right moment.

• Our Rentline system will enable you to manage your products needs online


Long-term rental is our solution for rental periods of more then one year.

Our Long-term Rental solution is relevant for a period of more then one year.
This rental model ensures high quality service for an optimized monthly price.
• A perfectly adapted solution for establishments welcoming long-stay medical patients.
• Products adapted to patients, clinical support and high level of products decontamination.


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