MediMatt - Advanced Passive Mattress

MediMatt is a passive mattress with combination of cold and standard PU foam for acute, nursing care for the elderly and long-term care.

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LINET introduces MediMatt, a passsive mattress with combination of cold and standard PU foam for better pressure relief.
Cold foam
Edge Zone Reinforcement
Tricot Sock
Wave contour cut

Main benefits of MediMatt

Pressure Injury Prevention

Pressure injury prevention

Combination of cold and standard PU foam.
This combination is designed to help provide better pressure relief for patients. Cold foam is superior quality material due to its open pores. It ensures high air permeability and pleasant sleeping conditions. It quickly returns to its original shape without permanent deformation.
Infection control

Infection control

The cover is bacteria and virus-proofed, preventing cross-infection from mattress foams.

Edge Zone Reinforcement

Edge zone reinforcement

Perfect fitted reinforced edges with a width of 10 cm do not make any height difference. Provides relief from patient self-mobilization and prevents patient falls.

Wave Contour Cut

Wave contour cut

With this technology we reach a higher resting comfort as well as a better pressure release.


Tricot sock

Special textile layer between foam and cover reduces shear and friction forces by cover and tricot, which follow patient and do not get stuck on the mattress. The patient does not feel turning movement during repositioning on the bed.

More information about MediMatt

Tech specs


Features  Foam Upper Layer Foam Lower Layer Reinforced Edge Cut Corners Ergoframe
Mattress dimension  Length (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Weight (kg)
Additional parameters  Maximum patient weight (kg) Minimum patient weight (kg) Cover Zipper 2 transport handles Evacuation Cover (option)

MediMatt 30

MediMatt 30
  5 cm cold foam 9 cm Polyether foam Yes Yes Yes
  200 86,5 14 11,65
  150 30 Waterproof and vapour permeable cover 180° Yes Yes


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