Relaxation & Pain Management

Vibwife enables continuous oscillated movement to promote muscle relieves similar ways as mobilization techniques provided by midwives with the Rebozo technique.


  • Traditional relaxation support requires consistent one-to-one care, which is often not feasible.
  • 52,5 % on average of nulliparous women use epidural anesthesia during labor in high-income countries.(1)
  • A recumbent position can increase pain and labor length in the first labor stage.(2)

090 %

of mothers felt relaxed after using Vibwife.(3)

076 %

of mothers say that Vibwife helped them to better cope with birth pain.(4)

Recommended position: Rocking Baby


A gentle motion to create asymmetry in the pelvis.
Giving the baby space to descend in the birth canal.

Recommended position: Sleeping Beauty


Changing the angle of the pelvis through a simple side to side motion.
Gently moving the baby downwards.

Recommended position: Infinite Harmony


Improving pelvic flexibility through a figure eight motion similar to walking or stair climbing.


Recommended position: Vibrations & Jiggle


Producing calming effect to Relax muscles for pain relief.
Similar to The Jiggle from Spinning Babies®.


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