Smooth operation

Unambiguous controls save time and increase the certainty of the doctor during examination. Quick movement of the chair and preset positions make examinations more efficient.


  • Ergonomic position of the doctor during the examination
  • Perfect access to the patient
  • Quick and intuitive chair operation


Gracie takes the time required into account and makes the gynaecological examination as efficient as possible.
The preprogrammed and customizable positions such as access, examination, and ultrasound can be reached with the foot or hand controls to make positioning faster and easier in everyday practice, while maintaining client comfort.

Access position

The very low access position is also suitable for less mobile patients without the need for additional access steps.​

Examination position

The range of adjustment of examination positions enables the doctor to work both ergonomically and comfortably.​

Colposcope examination

The integrated video colposcope reduces spatial demands and​ increases the efficiency of the examination. In this position, the​ doctor has perfect access to the patient.​

Ultrasound position

The possibility to move the chair into the ultrasound position​ saves the doctor time and shortens the examination. The​ position is easily and quickly electrically adjustable.​


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