Eleganza 2

Smart acute bed

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Eleganza 2

The Eleganza 2 hospital bed pushes the boundaries of safety standards, quality of workmanship and design. As the first bed of its kind it has become the definition of the truly modern healthcare bed. It is equipped with many sophisticated functions, including smart properties, and is easily accessible to the broad spectrum of healthcare. This healthcare bed is highly practical and stylish and thanks to its properties meets all the requirements of each hospital ward. Eleganza 2 makes demanding day-to-day patient care easier and due to its modern design moves the quality of provided care to a higher level.

Automatic halting of backrest
Fixed adaptors in corners
Indicator of safe position
Plastic mattress platform

Main benefits of Eleganza 2

Fixed adaptors in corners

The adaptors for lifting poles and infusion stands are conveniently located at the corners of the bed. Because of that, they are easily accessible without obstructing the patient.
Eleganza 2

Indicator of safe position

During the night the change of backlighting to green represents a highly intuitive and clear signaling of the lowest safe bed position.

Eleganza 2


More than 30% of falls occur when the patient is getting out of bed. A detailed study of ergonomics has given rise to the concept of a handrail and an integrated mobilift which help the patient gain assurance when getting up and regain independence faster. Additionally, this innovative concept makes demanding work of the medical personnel easier.

Eleganza 2

Plastic mattress platform

The 90 cm mattress platform of the Eleganza 2 bed has been adapted to specific hospital conditions. Consequently, it offers the highest level of comfort for the patient.
The specifically designed ventilation channels allow air to circulate under the mattress and thus cool it and reduce moisture. The mattress platform is made of light blow moulded plastic parts and therefore is easy to clean and disinfect.
Optionally, it is possible to order a translucent backrest part to directly insert an X-ray cassette. As a result, you will not need any cassette holder.

Eleganza 2

Automatic halting of backrest at 30 degrees

The backrest stops at the most frequently used angle of 30°. The operation is easy as the backrest automatically stops at 30° during positioning. This function covers one of the most basic standards in healthcare.

Eleganza 2

Universal box handy

A practical box for eyeglasses, a TV remote control or a cellphone, which can be easily placed at virtually any part of the bed's side rails. As a result, the patient always has his smaller items within reach and feels comfortable in the hospital bed.

Eleganza 2

Urine bag holder

A practically located urine bag holder with angle adjustment.

More information about Eleganza 2

External dimensions
223.3 cm x 99.5 cm
Bed extension
32 cm
Bed Height (Hi-Lo adjustment)
39.5 cm - 77.5 cm
Internal dimension
200 × 90 cm
Max. mattress height
18 cm
Bed weight
156 kg
SWL – Safe Working Load
250 kg
Max. Patient weight
185 kg
Maximum Backrest Angle
Maximum Thigh Rest Angle
Calf rest angle
TR/ATR angle
Lifting pole bearing capacity
75 kg
Clearance of undercarriage
15 cm


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