Award ‘Czech Idea’ was lent to LINET

2. 3. 2023

Last year, a project of LINET and University of Hradec Králové became the winner in one of four main categories of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic Awards, which annually awards the best applied research projects. Last year's absolute winner was the project “COVID-19 Infodemic: AI communication platform suppressing the infodemic.” Its main researcher, Václav Moravec, dedicated the Czech Idea statuette to the winners of all categories of the TA CR 2022 Awards.

At the end of February, the award was lent to LINET and will subsequently travel to all other winners.

In cooperation with the University of Hradec Králové, the company LINET designed a system that detects the patient’s movements in bed and monitors their breathing and heart rate. At the same time, it can also determine whether the patient is in bed and if they are at risk. The project entitled “Development of an intelligent system of electronic management of a specialized hospital bed for patients in a critical condition” became the winner in the “Business” category of last year’s edition of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic Awards.

The TA CR awards were presented on October 20, 2022, in the Historical Building of the National Museum in Prague. The opening of the evening was followed by handing over the awards in four categories: Governance, Partnership, Business, and Society. The absolute winner, who received the Czech Idea statuette, was chosen by the public through voting on the TA CR website and the audience. Eventually, the award went to the winner of the Governance category – an AI communication platform suppressing the infodemic.

Award under supervision of LINET

At the initiative of Václav Moravec, the main researcher of the winning project, the prize will gradually visit all the winners. LINET became the first winner to whom the award headed.

The company received the statuette on February 24. Václav Moravec was welcomed to LINET’s premises by Tomáš Kolář, CEO of LINET Group, Vít Karvay, Technical Director of LINET, and Adam Foks, Head of Marketing Communications. The handover of the award was also attended by Ladislav Dušek, Head of the Institute of Biostatistics and Analysis at Masaryk University, Petr Herian, director and owner of NEWTON Media, Martin Bunček, director of the TA CR office, and Veronika Dostálová, Press Spokesperson TA CR.

The group had a look at LINET products, including the smart SafeSense 3 solution, and then proceeded on a tour of the production plants in Želevčice and Slaný.