LINET Group successfully defends its i-Brake® (automatic brake) patent in the Italian market in a dispute with Malvestio S.p.A.

31. 5. 2023

LINET Group, the world's number one advanced care bed manufacturer, invests substantial funds into its research & development activities to bring innovative solutions to the market. It is also prepared to heavily defend all its investments worldwide. LINET Group owns approximately 50 patents, 30 industrial models and 100 registered trademarks.

Most recently, an Italian court issued a decision in LINET Group’s patent dispute with Malvestio. According to the interim order issued by the Court of Venice after preliminary injunction proceedings started by LINET, Malvestio has been enjoined - among others - from any further manufacturing, distribution and sale of beds that contain an automatic brake system, the latter being a patented LINET Group solution (Italian designation of the European Patent EP 2 616 254 B1). The Italian manufacturer is also enjoined from advertising beds provided with this patented automatic brake system, both on the Internet and in printed materials.

Malvestio has not appealed against the court’s interim decision within the statutory period.

LINET has then started proceedings on the merits against Malvestio in order to obtain - among others - the declaration of infringement of the patent and the consequent damage compensation. Also in this occasion, as occurred during preliminary injunction proceedings, Malvestio will be allowed to outline its defensive arguments.

The LINET Group has built its business success in global markets on innovations and elaborated, yet user-friendly design. In this respect, it dictates market trends, as evidenced by the fact that other manufacturers have copied many innovations after patent protection expired. “This is not surprising, it is the usual fate of the market innovator. At the same time, we consistently defend all our active patents, designs and registered trademarks,” explains Šárka Houzáková, who is responsible for intellectual property at LINET Group.

Her team actively intervenes in all cases where patent protection is infringed.


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