New Multicare X has received prestigious Good Design® Award

15. 4. 2022

In autumn 2021, we introduced the Multicare X bed with Opticare X mattress, a brand-new premium solution dedicated to intensive care units. Shortly after its introduction, the product’s innovative design has been acknowledged with the renowned Good Design® Award.

The new Multicare X is smart and nurse-friendly and builds on the success of the previous generation of the bed and goes even further. In cooperation with healthcare experts from around the world the bed was equipped with new solutions, such as completely new user interface Multiboard X allowing intuitive adjustment of the settings of both the bed as well as integrated mattress from one screen, combined tilting for making the postural drainage procedure easier, IV & Drive poles allowing the caregiver to push the bed ergonomically with motorized power even without the headboard or improved Automatic Lateral Therapy with pre-defined clinical programs for prevention of VAP and treatment of unilateral and bilateral lung disease.  

Together with the bed, we have also released a new generation of active integrated mattresses system Opticare X. The fully automatic anti-decubitus mattress is an important part of the solution and brings many advantages, such as 4 easy-to-set modes (including new prone mode for easier proning of patient and optimize mode for optimal immersion) meeting the individual clinical conditions of patients.

Despite complex technology the new solution is intuitive and easy to use, as well as able to monitor the patient and communicate.

Good Design® Award as proof of cutting-edge industrial design

Although the solution is completely new and has been on the market for just a few months, its innovative design has already been appreciated. At the end of last year, Multicare X received the GOOD DESIGN® Award 2021. It is one of the most prestigious design awards that are recognized in the world and has been given out by an international jury since 1950. The goal is to acknowledge products and innovators that push the limits of what is possible

We are excited for this win and believe that it serves as a proof that our products are truly state-of-the-art and designed to help caregivers care.