Children’s bed Tom 2 is now even safer

12. 7. 2021

We at LINET care deeply about the safety of all patients, including the small ones. That is why our TOM 2 bed fully complies with the new children’s bed standard EN50637:2017.

Entrapment and other injuries are some of the safety risks that are connected with medical beds and that the manufacturer aims to prevent. These situations are even more dangerous for child patients, especially if they are hospitalized on beds for adults. A safe space for small patients is provided by LINET’s children’s bed Tom 2, which is now fully compliant with the new children’s bed standard EN50637:2017. The new safety standard sets exact parameters such as the strength of siderails or the lock out of controls and headsets so that dangerous situations can be avoided.

Tom 2 is a unique hospital bed designed for child patients. It is fully electrically operated and can be used in both the ICU and for acute care. One of its main advantages is that it provides an excellent access to the child patient. The bed has a modern design with transparent bed ends and original Tom the Bear motif.

You can read more about the EN50637:2017 standard here: