Total bed management

LINET is proud to offer comprehensive Total Bed Management and various bespoke packaged Total Managed Equipment Solutions to a number of NHS Trusts across the UK and Ireland.

Our services encompass a full spectrum of equipment and operational needs, including the provision of hospital beds and therapeutic support surfaces. LINET take care of the integrated logistics, meticulous maintenance, stringent decontamination processes, dedicated clinical support, and ongoing replacement programme for your trust. We are committed to enhancing patient care through our unwavering support and innovative equipment solutions.


What is total bed management

Total Bed Management (TBM) by LINET is a fully holistic approach that sees us deliver expert implementation and complete management of your tailored product and service solution, addressing the core clinical, financial, and operational goals of your hospital. Focused on a close working partnership, LINET ensures that our TBM contract solution not only meets but exceeds the expectations of patients, staff, and the NHS trust, fostering an environment of care, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

This collaboration is built on a commitment to , ensuring significant advancements in patient care, staff satisfaction, and overall trust performance.

Why Opt for Total Bed Management with LINET?

Opting for a TBM arrangement from an experienced supplier is critical to contribute effectively to a more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-centered healthcare service within your hospital / hospital trust. Providing:

Why Opt for Total Bed Management with LINET

  • Access to the right equipment when it is needed most via on demand requesting on RENTLINE.
  • Efficient bed management leading to better patient flow
  • Increased efficiency allowing for quick turnaround on bed requests, call outs and cleaning equipment
  • Better utilisation of beds offering cost savings
  • A streamlined process where staff can focus solely on patient care
  • Access to the latest technologies in modern day hospital care
  • Access to ongoing training and education
  • Preserving financial streams and offering best use of budgets

Common TBM Products

LINET offer the widest range of common TBM equipment options aswell as offering specialist options for Bariatric Care, Early Mobilisation and Patient Handling Solutions. Our package is built to meet your hospital requirements.

Our Tailored Managed Services for TBM can take care of everything

LINET offer complete flexibility and ensure our managed service contracts are packaged to suit your exact needs. We take care of it all so that your hospital can focus on the priority task in hand, delivering exceptional patient care efficiently and effectively. We work to agreed KPI’s and conduct ongoing reviews of the operational efficiency of the contract throughout its lifetime. Producing management reports and offering complete traceability by tracking equipment through our robust online management system which provides added transparency and reassurance.

Clinical support

Our clinical nurse advisors (CNA’S) work closely with your hospital’s Tissue Viability Teams, Moving and Handling Teams and other key personnel to ensure products are used appropriately and effectively through ongoing training and education. Depending on your contract needs a CNA will be a valuable resource to your hospital operations helping to support clinical outcomes and reduce expediture.

Why Opt for Total Bed Management with LINET

Our clinical nurse advisors (CNA’S) core responsibilities will be dependent on the commitment of the contract (Full time contracted personnel or allocated hours) but extend to:

  • Ward Walking
  • Supporting Implementations
  • Leading Training & Competency for appropriate use of equipment
  • Hands on product support
  • Actively assisting patients and staff
  • Clinical Advisory and providing access to studies
  • Supporting Audits
  • Patient and Staff Surveys


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