15. 3. 2023

Linet have been co-operating with Dr Peter Worsley, Professor of Assistive Technology and Tissue Health at Southampton University Medical research centre, to perform research into several key aspects of pressure care support surface design. The results from which will assist Linet in their continuing endeavours to improve the clinical performance and hence improve patient outcomes when using Linet pressure area care mattress systems.
This research programme started in early 2022 and concluded at the end of 2022 and was hugely initiated by Emeritus Professor Dan Lawrence Bader BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc, FIFPEM, a renowned expert in the science of pressure sores, who sadly passed away before its completion. To honour his legacy and his valuable contributions to the field, in February 2023 Linet donated two Eleganza 2 hospital bed frames to the Medical Research Centre for their future research activities 24/11/52-/11/2022.
The bed frames were presented to Dr Peter Worsley by Mr Martin Toms R & D Director Linet Pressure Area Care.