LINET UK Shines at the 2023 Hospice UK National Conference

9. 11. 2023

LINET UK, made a significant impact at the 2023 Hospice UK National Conference. The event, held at the ACC Liverpool, brought together professionals, experts, and organizations dedicated to improving end-of-life and palliative care. Our commitment to thinking differently aligned perfectly with the conference theme, and we showcased just some of our modern day hospital bed and mattress solutions redefining acute healthcare.

ESSENZA 300 with Lateral Tilt: Revolutionizing Comfort and Mobility

One of the highlights of our exhibition was seeing the response to our new ESSENZA 300 bed with lateral tilt functionality. Designed to enhance patient comfort and mobility, the ESSENZA 300 offers customizable positioning options. Its lateral tilt feature allows caregivers to easily reposition patients, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and enhancing overall well-being.

Eleganza 5 Bed with Virtuoso Mattress: Elevating Patient Rest

Another star of our showcase was the Eleganza 5 bed, paired with the innovative Virtuoso mattress. The Eleganza 5 combines aesthetics, functionality, and patient safety. Its intuitive controls allow for precise adjustments, ensuring optimal support for patients. The Virtuoso air mattress, with its advanced pressure redistribution technology, promotes better sleep quality and reduces the risk of bedsores.

Our Dedicated Team

Our LINET UK team was present throughout the conference, engaging with attendees, answering questions, and demonstrating the features of our products. We are proud to have received positive feedback from the many hospice care professionals who visited our stand.

Looking Ahead

With 20% of nurses working time spent in supporting patient mobility and safe patient moving and handling and with caregivers being at the top of the number of work related MSD’s, Our ongoing mission is to support all care staff with the quality equipment needed to reduce their stresses and strains while delivering premium ergonomics for caregivers daily duties.

As we reflect on our successful participation in the 2023 Hospice UK National Conference, we remain committed to advancing patient care. LINET UK continues to innovate, ensuring that all healthcare facilities have access to cutting-edge solutions that improve outcomes for patients and caregivers alike.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from LINET UK!