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Premium Hydraulic Emergency and Transport Stretcher

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Sprint 200

Three decades of healthcare innovation now incorporated in a stretcher in three key areas. Ergonomic drive that goes the distance. Safety-proven in one million care beds now realized in a premium stretcher and leading edge materials and design.
  • 077% less than recommended initial push forces(1)
  • 0500% more than recommended durability of integrated IV poles(1)
  • 016% reduction in peak pressure in pelvic area thanks to Ergoframe(2)

Discover how we imagine a new generation of stretchers

Ergonomic drive that goes distance

- Push of a Button needed to drive the stretcher thanks to i-Drive Power®.

- 7 mi Driving Distance without the need to charge.

- 77% less than recommended initial push force without motorized castor (FlexiDrive®)(1).

Leading-edge design and materials

- 2.2 × more than recommended force resistance of siderails (3).

- 5 × more than recommended force resistance of IV poles (1).

- 0 Transfer Gap thanks to Zerogap siderail concept.

Safety proven in a million care beds brought to a stretcher

- 0.5 kg Precision scales to measure patient weight.

- Mobi-lift® Handle supports the patient when getting off the stretcher.

- 16% Reduction of peak pressure in the pelvic area thanks to Ergoframe® (2).

Enhanced Patient Outcomes


Falls Prevention

To prevent patient falls, Sprint 200 offers mobilization support, secure siderails and bed exit feature.

Improved Caregiver & Hospital Workflow

Easy Patient Transport

Features like IV&Drive®, i-Drive Power® and EasyBrake® improve ergonomics of the transport and make it more efficient.


i-Drive Power®

Reduces the driving forces to a push of a button.


Combines push handles and IV poles into one.

Safety Sense

Stops the stretcher when the hand is removed.

Zerogap siderails

With SoftDrop function made from durable plastic.

Mobi-Lift® handle

Provides support during bed exit.


With precision of 0.5 kg and bed exit feature.

Multiple mattress options

Based on the condition of the patient.


Accessible from all four sides.


Reduces pressure in pelvic area and sliding down forces.

Angle indicators

On siderails and backrest help with positioning.

Hydraulic foot controls

Including TR pedal at head side.


Protect the frame during transport.


3-in-1 Shelf

Vertical Oxygen Bottle Holder

Storage Box

Paper Roll Holder

Chart Holder

Extra IV poles

More information about Sprint 200

External Dimensions in Standard Bed Position (length x width)
216 cm x 89 cm
Siderail Height above Mattress support platform
40,4 cm
Siderail Length
137,4 cm
Maximum Mattress Height
13 cm
Minimum-Maximum Mattress support platform Height above floor (without Mattress)
53 cm - 86 cm
Castor Diameter
20 cm
Maximum Backrest Angle
Maximum Thighrest Angle
Maximum Calfrest Angle
Trendelenburg Angle
Antitrendelenburg Angle
Safe Working Load (SWL)
320 kg
Average Stretcher Weight
167 kg
Maximum Patient Weight
280 kg


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(1) White paper: Best practice for patient transport in Sprint 200 for reducing WRMSDs. Own testing, data upon request.
(2) White paper: Enhanced features of Sprint 200 stretcher that support the prevention of pressure injuries. Own testing, data upon request.
(3) White paper: Can plastic Sprint 200 siderails surpass steel? Own testing, data upon request.