Integrated compressor, Cycle Time Options and availability of Prone Mode help to enhance the comfort and well-being of patients.


  • Excessive noise influences patient healing and the working conditions of nurses (1)
  • Sleeping of patient is highly connected to surrounding noise (2)
  • After overexertion, the second most common cause for injuries is slip, trip and fall (STF) (3)
  • STF represents 25% of all injuries of healthcare workers (4)


Integrated compressor

The compressor reduces vibration by more than 50% compared with mattress replacement.(5)

Support for Heavier Patients

The A2C mattresses range allows placing plus sized patients thanks to models with a high safe working load (SWL) of 250 kg and extended dimensions of the mattress.

Cycle Time Options of 10/15/20/25 Minutes

Choice of appropriate cycle time based on the patient’s condition and individual preference.

Availability of Prone Mode

It is possible to prone patients on the Air2Care 6 and 8 mattresses due to the self-sealing valves that allow the individual cells to be deflated.

Minimized Errors with Safety Lock Button

- The Safety Lock Button protects
against accidental setting changes.
- Activate or deactivate the functions
control using the Safety Lock button,
located at the control panel.


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