Have a look at a unique webinar with industry leader Prof Marcelo Amato, MD, PhD

26. 3. 2020

How to properly handle patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) resulting, for example, from COVID-19; how to use electrical impedance tomography (EIT) in patient positioning and how it can help improve lung function – such was the focus of a seminar with a world-renowned leader in the field, the Brazilian pneumonologist Prof Marcelo Amato, MD, PhD. The webinar was held on March 20.

The use of impedance tomography in positioning LINET beds is one of the innovations the company is currently working on under the guidance of global clinical research manager Martin Ričl and with the active participation of specialists from the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University Dr Mikuláš Mlček, PhD, and Dr Michal Otáhal, PhD, of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at General University Hospital in Prague.

‘We’ve assembled an outstanding international team capable of remarkable achievements in the field of pulmonary ventilation. Everything is based on the platform of LINET beds, the first in the world to offer up to 30 degrees of lateral tilt, which in combination with EIT means we can position patients depending on their individual needs in order to ensure their lungs are working as efficiently as possible,’ says Martin Ričl.

The webinar was limited to one thousand attendees. Thanks to operations in more than a hundred countries, LINET was able to offer the webinar to doctors practically all over the world. You can watch a recording of it here.

The electrical impedance tomography technology put together by the experts at TIMPEL Medical gives the critical care physician detailed information about respiratory mechanics and provides immediate feedback that can be used to find the optimal position for a patient at any given moment.

‘TIMPEL Medical is our strategic partner in the project. The hospital bed has long been far more than a mere place for the patient to lie. It’s an active aid in maintaining and improving the health of the patient. LINET has devoted several years to the topic of pulmonary ventilation. Now the topic has become the centre of attention. It’s clear that we must do everything in our power to manage the current pandemic and stay prepared for such situations,’ add Mr Ričl.