LINET marketing is changing to better reflect the company’s values. The first step is a new modern visual identity and brand claim.

16. 3. 2021

Outstanding technological innovation, progressive design, and thirty years of experience – that’s LINET, a brand that has reshaped the global hospital bed market. Millions of health professionals all over the world use the company’s products in caring for their patients. In the last twelve months alone, LINET Group has produced 130,000 beds, which are now helping to save human lives. That’s more than anyone else in the world has produced. The success is based on strictly respecting the company's values, which is also reflected in the new claim: Designed to help you care.

LINET Group is closing out the most successful fiscal year of its thirty-year history. For the first time, total sales for the period ending in March 2021 will reach 350 million euros. This difficult year has seen the biggest European manufacturer become the most prominent player in the global market.

In this fiscal year, we produced 130 thousand beds, which is more than any of our competitors. That makes us the biggest producer of advanced care beds globally, and we’ve succeeded by quickly adapting to demand from all over the world. In the past, we invested in product innovation and our sales network. Now we’re very strong and ready for further expansion, and because the world has changed, we’re changing our communication by formulating it to address the entire world,’ says LINET Group managing director, Tomáš Kolář.

LINET has direct representation in twenty countries, but exports its products to more than 100 countries around the world. A revamped logo is the first step in its new marketing strategy. The logo expresses a continuity with the company’s successful thirty-year history as well as the fact that today LINET is also a technology company. The logo features a new typography and colour, and the initial letter L has a rounded shape, a nod to the company’s products; LINET was, after all, the first to begin tilting its beds from side to side thanks to an innovative column construction.

The company’s mission is to help caregivers care for patients. ‘That’s why we do it. We decided to clearly express that mission with the new brand claim “Designed to help you care.” Innovation in both technologies and design has long been an integral part of the products we introduce to the global market. The middle part of the claim points to the work of caregivers, whom we strive to help in their noble and often heroic profession. Of course, our combined efforts are aimed at achieving greater efficiency in patient care,’ explains LINET marketing director, Vladimír Soukup.

There are a number of other changes resulting from the new logo and claim. While marketing previously focused on presenting the company at trade fairs and other events and creating print materials to support B2B sales, today things are different.

‘The world is becoming more and more digitalized. That’s why we’re changing our identity to better fit a society that’s spending far more time online than before. The logo is more modern and poised to not only attract attention to our products but also be effective in the social media environment. We’re working on 3D presentations, virtual realities that let clients visit our factories and learn as much as possible about our products. Salespeople and clinical coaches must have the best possible connection with customers,’ adds Mr Soukup.

LINET is both a brand of the company LINET Group (see company profile below) and the name of the company founded in 1990 by Zbyněk Frolík in Želevčice near the town of Slaný. However, LINET outgrew the Czech market long ago and today more than 95% of its sales are in foreign markets, namely the USA and Germany.