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New design of Prakitka provides a practical use of modern features with high level of infection control combined with high levels of quality by European manufactures and modern technologies.

Durable construction with high quality according to norm EN 60601- 2-52.

Backrest and thigh rest can be adjusted by crank mechanism and the calf rest can be adjusted by using a handle. Praktika 2 can be adjusted in TR/ATR position and allows height adjustment of mattress platform by third crank.

Ergoframe creates optimal conditions for better relief of pressure in parts of the patients body that are of high risk.

Technical features

Safe working load:

200 kg
Max. patient weight: 165 kg
Outer dimensions: 218 x 99,5 cm

  • mechanical operating
  • adjusted by crank mechanism
  • plastic side rails: yes
  • single collapsible  side rails: yes
  • protector and extender for single side rails: yes
  • 4-sections mattress platform: yes
  • removable plastic cover for mattress platform: yes

removable plastic bed ends with locks

RAL 9002, RAL 9006, standard decors for bedends and side rails.

  • 4 horizontal corner bumpers
  • 2 optional vertical bumpers
  • accessory rail and accessory holders

 Praktika 1

Fixed height of mattress platform:

55 cm
Max. backrest angle: 70°
max. thighrest angle: 34°

  Praktika 2

adjustable height of mattress platform:

42-76 cm, TR/ATR 12°/12°
Max. backrest angle: 70°
max. thighrest angle: 34°


Praktika 1 

  • Castors: 125 mm castors
  • Brakes: individual brakes, as option one brake for foot end castors

Praktika 2

  • Castors: 125 mm separately braked or 150 mm centrally braked

Pricing information

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