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The construction of Eleganza 1 is simple and highly durable. Moreover, the elevators are equipped with electric protection against overload, therefore the bed will automatically stop when an elevator is overloaded.

The Eleganza 1 hospital bed can be extended by 15 cm. To provide comfort to all patients, the standard width of the mattress platform is 90 cm.

The 5th castor makes transporting the bed through long corridors easier, maintaining a straight line. In addition, the castor creates a turning point in the center of the bed.

To ensure a higher level of patient protection, the nurse can equip the Eleganza 1 bed with an independent protector and extension. The protector will automatically lock the side rail in the 'up' position.

The position of the cardiac chair can be easily adjusted by using a single button to maximise the respiratory function and cardiac output.

The bed can be equipped with soft drop function of split plastic siderails. The safety of the split plastic siderails is guaranteed by a systém of two independent unlocking movements. Siderails are lowered using the soft drop function which applies a gas spring to soften the effect of the siderails movement.

Technical features

Outer dimensions (side rails up)

218 cm x 99 cm

Mattress platform extension 15 cm
Recommended mattress size 200 cm x 90 cm x 14 cm
Max. mattress height 16 cm
Bed height (with ⌀150mm castors) 39.5 cm – 77 cm
Maximum backrest angle 70°
Maximum thigh rest angle 34°
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg position +15° / -15°
Ergoframe 10 + 6 cm
Height of single collapsible side rails 37.9 cm
Under bed clearance 16 cm (18.8 cm with 150 mm cast)
Weight (basic equipment) 135 kg
Safe working load 185-250 kg

Eleganza 1

Height adjustment


TR/ATR tilt adjustment motors
Backrest adjustment motor
Thighrest adjustment motor
Calfrest mechanical ratchet
Bed extension mechanical

Eleganza 1

  • Patient controls in the side rails
  • Handset
  • Plug and play hand set
  • Central control panel (mini ACP)
  • Supervisor panel
  • Foot controls
  • Satellite control panel

Eleganza 1

  • Plastic siderails with soft drop function
  • Ergonomic single collapsible side rails
  • Protector  (O)
  • Safe gap concept (entrapment prevention)
  • 4-section mattress platform
  • Ergoframe 10 + 6 cm
  • Removable plastic covers formed from 8 removable blow moulded lamella

Eleganza 1

  • Scissor construction

Eleganza 1

  • Mobi-Stick handles (O)
  • 4 castors ⌀125 mm Tente Motion
  • 4 castors ⌀150 mm Tente Integral (O)
  • 4 castors ⌀150 mm Tente Integral with plastic covers (O)
  • 4 double castors ⌀150mm Tente Integral (O)
  • Centrally operated castors from 2 points
  • Centrally operated castors from 4 points (O)
  • 5th castor (O)

Eleganza 1

  • Brake alarm
  • Night light
  • Motor protection (independent current protection for each motor preventing damage to the motor if overloaded)
  • Removable plastic bed ends E1 design
  • Powder coated bed ends with colour HPL panel
  • Head and foot end with safety locks

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Quality marks & Awards

IEC 60601-2-52


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