The bedside cabinet with two drawers and open center compartment. Height-adjustable bed-table in a cozy design.

Technical features

Dimensions: W x D x H = 65 x 45 x 77 cm, overbed table top: 37 x 57.5 cm

  • Overbed table can be folded down, tilted sideways and hieght-adjustable from 72.5 to 105 cm.
  • One-hand operation for use of the overbed table without putting down food tray before hand.
  • Top drawer can be opened from both sides on telescopic rails.
  • Bottom drawer can be opened from both sides on telescopic rails, incl. a bottle holder.
  • The large drawer can be extended on both sides and therefore minimises the risk of falls.
  • Rounded edges reduce the risk of injury.
  • Top board with a plastic edge, same shade as surface decor.
  • Optional: With 3 bookholding rails (grey) on the top board.
  • Movable on 50mm double castors, 2 castors (lying diagonally oposite) can be braked.
  • Optional: Two feets in ABS in front, two 50mm double castors backside.
  • Optional: With cylinder lock for top drawer
  • Optional: With cylinder lock for bottom drawer
  • Optional: With accessory holder with towel holder and 2 accessory holder (e.g. for lamp).
  • Rounded table top and handy curved segment handles.
  • Optional: Second drawer in the middle compartment (only E2, E3)

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ISO 9001


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