"We really want to show the real benefits of lateral positioning, which positively affects not only artificial pulmonary ventilation, but also other vital processes of patients in critical condition," explained Martin Ričl, a member of the LINET Group clinical team. An attractive part of the presentation will be a Multicare bed with a patient in a lateral position. A TIMPEL electrical impedance tomograph will demonstrate in real time some of the changes that occur in the patient's lungs during positioning and how lateralization positively affects and contributes to faster patient recovery.

"Participation in the ANZICS 2019 Congress is intended to demonstrate the added clinical value of our technologies and to promote the importance of lateral tilt beds," said Jiri Mlch, South & East Asia LINET Regional Manager. According to him, the level of intensive care in South & East Asia is growing due to large investments in health care. For example, in Singapore, where healthcare and equipment are at the top level, the demands for efficiency and quality of technology are increasing. There are 26 Multicare LE beds in the fully equipped ICU at the prestigious Tan Tock Seng Hospital and because of the high quality and benefits of the lateral tilt, we’ve also provided 45 Eleganza 5 beds for the ICU affiliate of the National Center of Infection Diseases. This shows a growing demand and need for electrically adjustable beds with advanced functions. “We are able to offer them because of our broad portfolio. That is why we are extremely successful in the region with a unique annual growth of 30%,” added Jiří Mlch.

ANZICS is one of the most important intensive care events in the region. Not only does it appeal to professionals from Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand, it also makes a huge impression in the medical field. Every year, the number of registered delegates reaches about 1,000 doctors and nurses focusing on critical and intensive medicine.

See Linet booth program and save a seat in satellite symposium http://www.linet.com/en/ANZICS2019.

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