The international conference offered an appealing combination of key scientific discussions, meetings with special guests, workshops, lectures, all-day streams, and specialist conferences. “From our company’s portfolio of mattresses, we presented the integrated Symbioso mattress, the reactive CliniCare HF100 mattress, and the active Virtuoso mattress,” says LINET marketing specialist Michaela Domerecká. “The three days spent at the event were demanding but successful. Visitors to the conference showed a lot of interest in all of the products we were showcasing. Our booth was very busy the entire time with visitors not only from Germany but also from Great Britain, Hungary, Turkey, Finland, Jordan, and the Czech Republic,” adds Domerecká.

LINET clinical coach Kateřina Jansová had the following to say about the goings on at the event: “It was interesting at the conference to meet participants of a program in Jordan that my colleague Markéta Koutná and I had participated in last year in November. It’s clear that these are people who are interested in having an impact on the prevention of pressure ulcers and the healing of wounds. The active prevention of the onset of pressure ulcers is still in its infancy.”

Many of this year’s participants were not from the ranks of doctors and nurses; they included people who are able to apply the information they’ve acquired in educating future medical professionals, such as university professors, for example. “A Portuguese university, Escola Superior de Enfermagem S. Francisco das Misericórdias, expressed great interest in working together to educate nurses. The school would like to engage in collaboration involving the online training of nurses in pressure ulcer prevention using active mattresses and electric beds,” concludes Jansová.

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