The meeting got underway on Wednesday with an agenda focusing on product news – the morning segment, for example, was devoted to the Eleganza 1 and 2 beds. Following lunch, participants conducted a SWOT analysis of the market from both the standpoint of the individual countries as well the region as a whole. Upon conclusion of the afternoon program, everyone boarded a boat on the Vltava to take in the beauty of Prague during the so-called Prague Venice cruise. The first day came to a close with dinner at the neoclassicist Villa Richter situated in the vineyards of Prague Castle.

On Thursday, the meeting continued with a presentation of new products, including, for instance, the redesigned Multicare, new reactive mattress, and new portfolio of passive mattresses. After lunch, the distributors were given time to exchange opinions and experiences relating to competitors and their new products. The second day of the meeting was concluded with a clinical quiz and feedback session.

Friday’s agenda was devoted to strategic sales and marketing topics. Adéla Vágnerová, regional sales manager for Central and Eastern Europe, presented results for her region in 2015/2016 and also outlined projections for the 2016/2017 fiscal year. LINET Group SE managing director Tomáš Kolář introduced an ambitious five-year plan; sales director Rolf Pekař addressed the newly implemented partner scorecard; international training manager Martin Ričl provided information on new products that are being planned; and marketing specialist Michaela Domerecká gave a presentation on online and offline marketing support. The three-day event ended with a presentation by Petr Jeřábek on service topics, prospects, and order procedures and rules.

“We hold similar meetings every six to twelve months. It really depends on the distributors’ schedules and the quantity of information to be shared. Regional sales meetings are very beneficial not only because they provide an opportunity to relate product and sales news but because they also allow the distributors to exchange experiences and get feedback from the various markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Not only did our sales partners listen intensely, they worked and debated yet, of course, they also had time to relax and enjoy some fun. I hope that they all enjoyed the three days together, including the wonderful Vltava cruise,” says in summary Adéla Vágnerová.

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