Your benefits at a glance

  • Pad placed under the mattress ensures discretion
  • Patients do not need to call to inform about their situation and ask for help
  • Wetness detection informs staff about significant increase of wetness
  • More information of movement and wetness
  • Bed exit alarm can speed up the reaction in case of patient‘s fall
  • Caregivers can set up reminders for patient checks or other procedured
  • Movement monitoring based on breathing tracks patient‘s activity while in the bed
  • Bed exit alarm notifies the staff whenever patient is about to leave the bed
  • Customizable delay on bed exit alarm ensures that it notifies caregivers only when necessary
  • Movement detection shows the patient‘s activity on the bed
  • Wetness detection informs caregivers in case of increased humidity on the matress 
  • Smart decubitus reminder notifies caregivers if the patient has not moved for a set period of time

Technical features

SafeSense 3 is connected to hospital network and transmits data to be visualized on any supported device.

Visualisation of data
Caregiver can get information on patient activity and presence in the bed at a glance.


Caregiver can be notified by alarms and alerts that can be set up. Including:

  • Repositioning reminder
  • Bed exit alarm
  • Wetness alert
  • Movement alert
  • Alert delays

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  • Sentida 1-6

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