Christmas auction of photos by Robert Vano for Ukrainian refugees

23. 11. 2022

They are bombarding us, we have to leave, decided the mother of a one-month-old baby after Russian rockets started hitting her town. But where and how? She was lucky in her misfortune, she was helped by Irina Kalinina, who has been working for the Diocesan Charity of Litoměřice since August 2022. She may have saved her life, she literally took her over the phone all the way to Litoměřice. Just for this Charity LINET employees decided to organize a photo auction.

LINET and its employees have been helping Ukraine since the beginning of Russian aggression. One of the activities is helping mothers with children who lived in the refugee camp in Brozany nad Ohří. We invited one of them as a make-up artist to photograph our product brochure. She used to live in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro.
“She told us how she had to run to get herself and her child to safety. And how they try to integrate into Czech society and at the same time support those who stayed in the Dnipro and are suffering,” says Adéla Vágnerová, Manager in LINET.
Together with her colleague Josef Nováček, Adéla approached the world-famous photographer, Robert Van, who photographed a marketing campaign for LINET a few years ago. They asked him for permission to auction off his work from that time - and he happily agreed.
The result is a public online auction of 11 photos of ballet dancers of the Czech National Theater with the original signature of Robert Vano. Petr Škarvan, an employee of Linet, will add 9 photos of Prague. All of the proceeds will go to the Litoměřice Diocesan Charity (through the collection account of the Litoměřice Charity). The auction will take place on the Czech website
“We have been preparing the auction for three months. All the time we have been helping Ukrainian mothers in the region of Litoměřice and cooperating on that with Irina Kalinina. Her commitment and abilities convinced us that we will send the proceeds of the auction to the Litoměřice Diocesan Charity,” adds Adéla Vágnerová.
And the money is really needed: “We will use the money from the collection to contribute to housing for refugees and special medical equipment for seriously ill refugees and also to buy Christmas presents for Ukrainian children. We would not like their already aching souls to experience the feeling of exclusion that they did not receive any presents. We therefore want to help dozens of children within our reach,” points out Adéla Švecová from the Litoměřice Diocesan Charity.
The auction will take place from December 5 to 15. You can find active links below.

You can also donate directly to the Litoměřice Charity collection account: 295034610/0300. Variable symbol: 005.

If you are from abroad and want to participate in the auction but cannot log in into Aukro, or in case you have any questions regarding this initiative, please contact Adéla Vágnerová at [email protected]
Thank you to everyone who decides to help!


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