Early Mobilization with LINET - Physiotherapy program

Molly Dudek - Arab Health 2019 

The interactive program and live shows at the LINET booth allowed you to see how our solutions work and help in practice. Our clinical coaches show you a usage of the beds, mattresses and armchairs. The main guest of this dynamic program was Molly Dudek, a Clinical Application Specialist from the USA. She focused on LINET’s concept of Early Mobilization.


Reminder of live shows:

Early Mobilization with LINET - Physiotherapy program

Intensive Care

Aneta Vránová - ICU solution  

The LINET Intensive Care solution supports prevention, therapy, and diagnosis during both intensive & critical care. The beds are equipped with a range of sophisticated features that reduce the workload of medical staff while improving patient safety and comfort. The features range from automatic lateral therapy, integrated scales and X-rays to the Mobi-Lift which supports easy mobilization. Influence the length of a patient’s stay in the Intensive care by using the LINET Intensive Care solution! Our clinical coach Aneta introduced you the Intensive Care solution.


Reminder of live shows

Early Mobilization with LINET

Intesive care solution


Product portfolio

Multicare Intensive & Critical Care Bed offers ALT for the Prevention of Pulmonary Complications

NEW Virtuoso Pro, the Top Antidecubitis System

Watch the New Multicare Video - Early Mobilization

One Day Care

Alex Širin - One Day Care Solution 

Using innovative methods, a lot of planned and necessary procedures are currently non-invasive and very tolerable by the human body. The best possible care is provided by professionals using the best equipment in various hospitals and clinics. Patients go home as soon as possible, usually the same day, to recover in their natural environment, a place where they feel comfortable and safe. Alex introduced you One Day Care solution.


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One day care solution

Moving and handling


Product portfolio

The new Sprint 100 stretcher is ideal for transport and treatment

Pura, Dialysis and Oncologic chair

Mother and Child Care

Eva Maxová - Mother and Child solution

LINET focuses a great deal of attention on gynecology and obstetric care, so pediatric care is the next step in the process. The AVE 2 Birthing Bed allows the parent to experience greater comfort during this crucial life situation and assists the medical staff with their work.

The child beds are adapted to the special needs of younger patients, from newborns, small children up to teenagers. The beds offer the child maximum comfort, a completely safe space and they try to make the child’s stay in hospital pleasant. Mother and Child Care solution was presented by Eva.


Reminder of live shows:

Mother and child care solution


Product portfolio

Discover the birthing bed AVE 2

Watch the AVE 2 in use

Smile with TOM the Bear: The TOM 2 Bed for Children

Watch the videos Time for Happier Stories with AVE 2 and TOM 2


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