Pressure injury prevention


  • Worldwide prevalence of HAPI varies from 6–18.5% in acute care segment (1)
  • Pressure injuries can develop within minutes of immobility (2)
  • The cost of treating pressure injuries varies from £1,214 to £14,108 (3)


The integrated Air2Care

Alternating pressure mattress provides periodic pressure relief.

Intermittent Pressure Reduction

Due to the alternating 2-cell system, Air2Care reduces pressure and helps to minimize sustained pressure peaks to the patient’s body. Alternating pressure can be used for pressure injury prevention as part of an overall program of care.

Automatic Pressure Setting with the Easy Smart System

At the press of a button, the mattress will automatically and
continuously adjust to the patient’s individual size, weight and

Wide range of mattresses for Essenza

To provide high patient comfort and prevention of pressure injuries, LINET offers a wide choice of mattress replacements for Essenza according to the needs of patients with different risk levels of pressure injury development.


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