Safe health workers, Safe patients

15. 9. 2020

This year World Patient Safety Day is focused on Health Worker Safety

No one should be harmed in healthcare. In support of this goal, the World Health Organization has declared a World Patient Safety Day. It will be celebrated on September 17 and its main motto is Safe health workers, Safe patients. For us in LINET, the safety of medical staff has long been a priority.

We welcome this initiative. Our products are designed following the highest standards of safety, ergonomics, and ease of working with patients. One of the key elements of our strategy is framed-based lateral tilt for easy positioning and working with patients in the bed. In the field of SmartCare, there is a new innovative SafetyMonitor application, which monitors the safety elements of the bed. It displays the current status of these parameters in a user-friendly interface in the nurse's station or on mobile devices. The main advantage of SafetyMonitor is that it uses HL7 technology that can be implemented directly into hospital systems.
Our beds offer a comprehensive safety program that protects the patient and the nurse. Ergonomic and intuitive operation, wide height adjustment range, special functions supporting pressure injury prevention, and elements focused on safe mobilization. High hygienic parameters and easy infection control are very relevant added values.
For safe work with beds, we need both the technological prerequisites of beds and knowledge and experience with their use. We offer a wide range of training sessions and workshops focused on the maximum efficiency of working with the bed, as well as its ergonomics and safety. Our team, including clinical coaches, is ready to provide both classic full-time training and an online session in the form of a webinar. Do not hesitate to contact us!