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The Graciella® gynaecological examination chair enables the physician to work with patients ergonomically, and its functional design elements help increase the patient's comfort and safety.



The variable positioning allows the chair to be adjusted to the physique of individual patients. Patient comfort is also enhanced by the soft upholstery and ergonomic shape of the chair. An integrated headrest is also included.

The Graciella® chair has a range of leg supports available, which can be selected according to the purpose, focus or most common gynaecological examinations of each healthcare facility. The leg supports can be adjusted according to the needs of the patient and gynaecologist. There is a step to help patient to enter the chair, designed with a rotating mechanism. It can be moved to the side so that it does not obstruct the examination.

Easy positioning

Preset positions allow the chair to be switched to the two most common positions - the sitting position and the examination position. The positioning range allows the leg supports to be adjusted conveniently according to the gynaecologist's needs while ensuring that the patient remains comfortable.

Hygiene and easy cleaning

The Graciella® chair is equipped with a unique column design. The elegant design solution provides additional added value with its exceptional hygiene parameters. The column is made of electrolytically oxidised aluminium with a thin film of lubricant on its surface. The space between the cylinders of the telescopic column is filled with plastic spacers which ensure that no contaminants can enter the inside of the column.

The material of the seamless upholstery is modified to allow easy decontamination using common hygienic methods.

The chair is easy to move around the clinic thanks to the retractable wheel on the undercarriage, particularly when the floor around and under the chair is being cleaned.

Simple handling

The chair can be easily adjusted into a horizontal position so the gynaecologist can examine the patient using ultrasound without needing to move her to an examination bed. The hand controller can be accessed from various angles thanks to a rotating mechanism. The foot controller allows the chair to be quickly adjusted, even during examination.

More information about Graciella

Chair weight (depending on configuration)
95–105 kg
Maximum chair length (without leg rests)
1,316 ± 10 mm
Maximum chair length (with leg supports)
1,750 ± 10 mm
Overall width (across leg supports)
760 ± 5 mm
Upholstery width (max.)
622 ± 5 mm
Upholstery thickness
30 ± 2 mm
Height of the seat of the chair — in sitting position
615 ± 5 mm
Maximum height of the seat of the chair (front edge)
1,043 ± 5 mm
Adjustment angle of the backrest part to seat part
0°±2° / +40° ±2°
Adjustment angle of the seat part
0°±2° / +20° ±2°
Trendelenburg position
Footstep above ground min.
326 ± 10 mm
Patient load
180 kg
Maximum chair load
190 kg
Permissible leg support load
32 kg


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