PrimaCare - Value Passive Mattress

PrimaCare is a passive mattress with a standard PU foam for acute, nursing care for the elderly and long-term care.

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LINET introduces PrimaCare passsive mattress, which provides a high sleeping comfort for patients.
High maximum load capacity
Patient comfort
Elderly and long-term care
Waterproof and antibacterial cover

Main benefits of PrimaCare

Patient comfort

A standard PU foam cut to alter the deformation properties of the foam. These types of modificiations break the surface tension of the foam increasing its ability to conform to the body shape.

Waterproof and antibacterial cover

The mattress cover is a close fit to the foam core inside, protecting both the mattress and the patient’s skin. The cover includes a number of technical features that supports this dual function.
— Water resistant 
— Multi-stretched 
— Vapour permeable 
— Fungal and microbacterial resistance

High maximum load capacity

The core of the mattress consists of denser foam, thanks to which the mattress has a load capacity of 200 kg.

More information about PrimaCare

Tech Specs


Features  Foam Layer Cut Corners Profiled Top Surface
Mattress dimension  Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg)
Additional parameters  Maximum patient weight (kg) Minimum patient weight (kg) Cover Zipper


  14 cm monoblock Polyether foam Yes Full
  200 86 11
  200 40 Sewn 180°


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