• The cost of treating pressure injuries varies from £1,214 to £14,108. (1)
  • Pressure injuries can develop within minutes of immobility. (2)
  • Worldwide prevalence of Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries from 6–18.5 % in acute care segment. (3)


Active systems

Active system with 2-Cell Alternation and air cells with the foam core

Active system with 2-cell alternation provides periodic pressure reduction and has a gentle action due to the viscoelastic foam top layer, optimizing pressure redistribution and supporting pressure injury prevention.  
The air cells within the mattress contain a foam core that supports the patient when in passive mode. When the compressor is attached air circulates around them and it provides active therapy.
Microclimate maintenance

Microclimate Maintenance

Helps maintain the body’s natural thermoregulation by air flow and a permeable cover through moisture vapour transfer (MVT), maintaining skin temperature and preventing sweating.
Passive system

Passive system

The mattress is layered and contains a polyurethane foam core, a viscoelastic foam top layer for increased pressure redistribution and firmer edges to support patient’s mobility.
Heel slope

Heel Slope

The heel section has a 7-degree slope that reduces pressure in this high-risk area.


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