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Easy patient transportation

Easy patient transport

The state-of-the-art structure of the undercarriage fitted with wheel with a 150 mm diameter castor and a central brake is the best option for transporting patients in a chair.
Along with its well-designed details, such as the transport handle or anti-crash bumpers, it creates excellent conditions for driving in outpatient facilities and hospitals.
Pura can be equipped with 5th castor for better maneuvering.

Improve Patient Experience

The comfort of the patient is ensured during long-term procedures by ergonomical frame and soft padding. It can also be equipped with an extra comfortable mattress.
Siderails are lowered smoothly and gently thanks to SoftDrop feature.
Pura further offers a variety of accessories to make patient experience even more comfortable:
- Removable table
- USB port
- Reading light
- Lockable box
- Storage box

Simplify Caregiver Procedures

Pura can be used in a variety of circumstances, from one day surgery to dialysis, making the processes leaner.
The controls are accessible and intuitive to use. The electrical handset has integrated TR and welcome positions. It also includes lock of the funtions to prevent accidental usage from the patient.
Pura can also be cleaned easily for improved infection control.

Support Patient Recovery

The low, safe position is comfortable when staying in or when entering or exiting the chair.
Pura offers multiple positions to improve the stay of the patient:
Cardiac chair
Fowler position

Pura Configurations

Day Surgery

Fully equipped chair for day surgery, recovery or diagnostic procedures.


Comfortable for dialysis, oncology treatment or blood donation.

More Information about Pura

2 123 mm
Maximum patient weight
190 kg
Width - seat section
590 mm
Height (castors 100 mm)
934 mm
Height (castors 150 mm)
970 mm
Castor diameter / brake
100 mm / individually braked
Castor diameter / brake
150 mm / central brake
Adjustment angles back section
Adjustment angles - armrest vertical
+ 42° / − 8.5°
Adjustment angles - armrest horizontal
Protection against water and dust
Device protection class
Classification of applied parts
Batteries back up voltage
24 V / 1.2 Ah
Voltage – input
100–240 V
Trendelenburg position (TR)
Safe Working load
205 kg


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