Delegation of the best Cambodian perinatologists at LINET

27. 4. 2023

A large group of delegates from Cambodia visited the Czech Republic and LINET headquarters in March.
The goal of the one-week tour prepared for interdisciplinary experts from the National Maternal and Child Health Center in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh was primarily education and gaining experience and knowledge. And also, the comprehensive presentation of the Czech mother and child care system, which ranks the Czech Republic among the countries with the lowest maternal and perinatal mortality.
The visit of Cambodian medical professionals was a part of the initiative “Czech Perinatology Hands Fly to Cambodia “, organized by the Czech Development Agency and Maternity Hospital Apolinář and focused on the development of perinatal care in Cambodia.
At LINET, Cambodians received information mainly about the advanced birthing bed AVE 2 and the possibilities it provides for guiding the course of childbirth in all its phases among other OBGYN related products. The program also included a factory tour and a discussion with Tomáš Kolář, Managing Director of LINET, and Alexander Jernek, Managing Director of LINET Asia about applicable synergies.