• It can take approximately 7 hours to transfer a patient onto a traditional alternating mattress. (1)
  • Chest x-ray is one of the most frequently performed portable x-rays in elderly patients. (2)
  • Because of natural or man-made disasters, it may be necessary to evacuate hospitals or department almost in 41.8 % of cases. (3)


X-ray sleeve

X-ray sleeve, integrated into the cover, has a separate zip. It can be accessed from both sides of the mattress and supports bedside imaging patients.
Evacuation cover

Evacuation cover

Evacuation cover supports fast and easy evacuation in case of an emergency. It combined with the highest hygiene standards.
Wide range of covers

Wide range of covers

Our diverse range of cover options provide versatile solutions to meet the individual needs of patients and caregivers. Made from waterproof materials these covers safeguard mattresses, stretch capabilities reduce friction and shear forces, supporting pressure injury prevention.
Comfort cover

Comfort cover

Comfort cover - enhances patient comfort by maintaining a favorable microclimate through its high vapor permeability.
Zoned cover

Zoned cover

Zoned cover - facilitates easier patient repositioning by way of a specially coated low resistance center section and safer early mobilization via a non-slip outer edge design.
Endurance cover

Endurance cover

Endurance cover - offers optimally balanced durability that may reduce the costs of replacing damaged covers, and permeability that supports the maintenance of the patient’s skin thermoregulation.


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