Clinicare 100HF

The CliniCare 100 HF - Hybrid mattress

The CliniCare 100 HF with the active and passive system in one for intensive, acute and long-term care.

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CliniCare 100 HF

LINET introduces the CliniCare 100 HF  for intensive, acute and long-term care with 2 -cell alternating and passive systems which provide effective support for the prevention of pressure injuries.
Hybrid mattress system (active and passive in one)
Microclimate management
Patient comfort
Viscoelastic foam

Main benefits of CliniCare 100 HF

Pressure Injury Prevention

Pressure injury prevention

The CliniCare 100 HF hybrid mattress is comfortable and highly efficient for the prevention of pressure injuries. It uses a combination of an active (air) system and a passive (foam) mattress to provide many benefits across the spectrum of hospital care.

When connected to a compressor, the mattress provides active 2-cell alternating pressure therapy.

Microclimate management

Microclimate management

When the pump is activated there is airflow/circulation between the cells and the mattress cover, which improves the micro-climate and contributes to the prevention of pressure injuries.

Patient comfort

Patient comfort

The materials for the mattress and cover were carefully selected to maximize patient comfort.

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Tech Specs


Features  Air Decks Foam Layer Modes Cycle time MCM
Mattress dimension  Length (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Weight (kg)
Additional parameters  Maximum patient weight (kg) Minimum patient weight (kg) Cover Zipper Handles Evacuation Cover (option)


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