Fruitful LINET’s mission in Cyprus

15. 6. 2023

Did you know that Cyprus is ranked best among the 20 countries with the healthiest people?

Without a doubt, both the quality and accessibility of health care contributed to this excellent rating. We at LINET are honored that, together with our partner Lyssiotis Trading, we were able to contribute to the recent modernization of the Cypriot healthcare system. A fruitful partnership between LINET and Lyssiotis Trading has developed over the past 10 years. Today, with more than 1,500 beds sold in both the private and public sectors, LINET is by far the market leader in the hospital bed sector in Cyprus, with a total population of 950,000.

As part of the modernization program associated with the introduction of GESY universal health insurance, hospitals across the island were equipped with 500 LINET electrically adjustable beds including a set of special children's beds in 2019.

And the mutual success story continues. The German Oncology Center in Limassol is transformed into Cyprus's most high-end, luxury, multidiscipline private hospital equipped with 14 Multicare ICU beds, 120 Image 3 and 16 Eleganza 2 beds, and 1 Gracie with Colposcope. By choosing LINET beds, this leading institution in cancer treatment, diagnosis, and scientific research in Southeastern Europe and the Middle East was given clinical training performed to the nursing staff and doctors recently.