"As part of a concurrently-held medical technology trade fair, we will present the beds and their virtual environments with their own applications that are compatible with central hospital systems and are aimed at increasing patient safety, total cost management and service diagnostics," says Gunter Röper, Global Marketing and Product Manager of the LINET Group. The attractiveness of the LINET smart solution will be underlined by interactive LIVE presentations with large projections on a giant LCD panel. "This is our new trade fair exposition concept, which we have deployed this year for the first time and with success in Dubai at the Arab Health 2018 trade fair, applied in April in Shanghai at China's largest medical technology trade fair CMEF, and used a week ago at a paediatric congress in Lyon," adds Gunter Röper.

The new generation smart and communicative LINET beds are connected online, equipped with sensors, and process and display information as needed. For a higher level of safety, in particular for the prevention of falls, the SafetyMonitor, which monitors the safety parameters of the bed, evaluates potentially dangerous situations and informs nurses about the situation in rooms with alerts and clear graphics. All the data on the beds in the ward is visible from a single location where the nurse can quickly see the situation in each room. This optimizes the coverage of the ward even in periods when there are fewer personnel on duty, e.g. at night.

The second system is iBed Diagnostic, which provides a service module and a black box function and enables the management of information (total cost management) to evaluate investments in a bed fund in terms of their efficiency and usability. As with regular user applications that make life easier, the smart systems are constantly upgraded and further developed. The LINET Group development centre develops and tests other modules focused specifically on the patient and the patient's rapid healing, safety and comfort, which are the most important factors in top-quality hospital care.

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