For LINET, this trade fair is one of the most important exhibitions in the industry. During the event, the company will be presenting the best of its portfolio alongside two new products – Safety Monitor and Antibacterial Treatment.

Safety Monitor is an intelligent system that provides increased overall patient safety by keeping constant supervision of the patient’s state of health as well as the state of the bed. The extremely sensitive VitalMonitor sensors monitor vital signs, and the built-in BedMonitor sensors keep close watch on the bed’s primary safety parameters.  

Antibacterial Treatment is an upgrade to the most advanced intensive care bed – Multicare, which continues to be LINET’s standard bearer. Antibacterial Treatment eliminates infections that radically prolong hospitalization, increase hospital treatment costs, and can even kill patients.

Arab Health is the second largest healthcare exhibition and congress in the world and the largest in the Middle East. It offers exceptional opportunities to build relationships within the healthcare industry, to showcase progress and achievement in the sector, and to explore new opportunities with stakeholders in the healthcare field.


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