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An extra-low patient positioning (patient surface height 28 cm) reduces the risk of injuries in case of a fall out of the bed, especially during the night.

The special design of the SafeFree®-side rails provides support and helps the patients mobilize themselves. An optimal adjustment to the individual mobilization height for different patient sizes is possible thanks to the flexible height settings.

The space in the pelvic area is extended by 16 cm in total in order to remarkably reduce shearing and friction forces when the bed is positioned.

The special design of the SafeFree®-side rails provides support and helps the patients mobilize themselves. Different height settings allow the adaption of side rails to the individual patient's needs for protection and the design without middle posts or central gap protector allow unrestricted access to the patient.

Ideal construction for  machine cleaning in accordance with AK-BWA.

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Image 3 has variable opitons which allows to offer beds with plastic bedends in combination with single collapsible siderails.

In addition, the new member of the image 3 series convinces through a homely hotel design, which provides the ambiance of a healing environment through its universal usability, not just in rooms with additional services.

Technical features

External dimensions

221 cm x 104 cm/99,8 cm x 220 cm
Mattress platform dimensions 200 cm x 86/90 cm
Maximum mattress height with SafeFree®-split side rails 18 cm
Maximum mattress height with single collapsible side rails 17 cm
Mattress platform height adjustment 28 – 80 cm
Maximum backrest angle 70°
Maximum thighrest angle 34°
Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg position +14°/-14°
Ergoframe 16 cm
Safe working load 250 kg
Weight (depending on equipment) 140 kg
  • Height adjustment – motor
  • TR/ATR tilt adjustment – motor
  • Backrest adjustment – motor
  • Thighrest adjustment – motor
  • Calf rest  - manual
  • Bed extension – manual
  • Handset
  • Supervisor panel

image 3

  • Split, telescopic SafeFree®- side rail concept protecting the full length if required
  • Single collapsible side rail with a top locking mechanism
  • Ergoframe with double retraction:  +16cm

image 3

  • Special scissor construction provides reduced height of just 28 cm above floor level when 125 mm castors are used.
  • Central locking of all castors from 2 points
  • Central locking of all castors from 4 points (O)
  • 4 double castors ⌀125 mm Tente Linea
  • 4 double castors ⌀150 mm Tente Linea (O)
  • 4 castors ⌀150 mm Tente Integral (O)
  • Antistatic castor

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Quality marks & Awards

IEC 60601-2-52


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